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Moving on…..

all w headband2BR


It seemed as though I would never finish this simple little pini-4, but at last it is checked off on my to-do list.  There were no technical complications, but rather just a matter if life getting in the way.  Entire days passed when I did not sew and that makes me cranky.  I feel better now.

The original plan was to add a row of cable under the beaded ribbon, but in my eagerness to finish this up I just forgot.  Of course, it’s not too late and I could still do it.  It  really would look better.  But I am tired of this project.  It’s done. I’m ready to move on.

The pattern is the same one I used for the Liberty of London popover for granddaughter Vivian Rose.  But I look forward to when Lisa at Mommy’s Apron Strings releases her very similar pattern.  She has so many improvements, like sizing.


pini4-patt Continue reading

Liberty Bubble and PR Diaper Shirt

The Old Fashioned Baby bubble set for Vivian Rose, my 5 week old granddaughter, is finished and I am pleased.  The bubble is made of Liberty of London tanna lawn and trimmed with tatted edging.


Hand embroidered in classic blue on white, the cotton diaper shirt was purchased in Old San Juan.  It has been modified slightly to coordinate with the bubble. Continue reading

Sweet Bunny Knit Nightie


Vivian Rose 6 days old

Vivian Rose 6 days old


This hand-me-down sleeper/nightie was made for Alastair almost 4 years ago.  Because of the soft Sea Island cotton knit fabric, the comfortable fit and ease when dressing or diapering Baby it is a favorite outfit. The nightie still looks like new on Vivian Rose, even after heavy laundering in Alastair’s infant era.




Pattern cover for Bunny Knit Nightie and Accessories by Children’s Corner

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Smocked Polka Dot Gown~My Attempt at “Contemporary”

As I began planning Vivian Rose’s layette,  I pulled out my favorite baby patterns, including this Baby’s Smocked Layette.    Making it was just a pleasure.

I love this pattern.   Because of the simple design an excellent directions, the gown practically falls together.  I especially like the illustration of the drawn up neckline in preparation for binding.  It includes precise measurements for the width of the front and sleeves at the neckline.  The back opening buttons all the way down to the hem, making it easy to dress Baby. Continue reading

For a Musical Biker Chef

chef stocking vert crop recol

When my daughter asked me to make a Christmas stocking for her husband, Harvey, I dragged my feet.  Knowing it needed to be unique and personal, I had no inspiration.  That was three years ago.  I reeeeally dragged my feet.

Last week, she sent a note asking would I please start working on Harvey’s stocking next summer.  That got to me.   She suggested something like a biking Santa or a chef.  Bingo!  I had my inspiration.

It shouldn’t have been that hard for me.  But he is an absolute computer genius so I was hung  up on that angle.  Now, focusing on his biking, cooking and musical skill, I could move ahead.

My fabulous son-in-law is an incredible chef.    My daughter, bless her heart, makes great toast and hot chocolate.  That’s all.  So Harvey does all the cooking, enthusiastically. Last year’s Christmas dinner has become a family legend.  And Rebecca sets a lovely table. Continue reading

Sweet Baby Duds

The scallops and embroidery are a very soft pastel yellow, not nearly like the bright color that shows up on my monitor.

The scallops and embroidery are a very soft pastel yellow, not nearly like the bright color that shows up on my monitor.

I’m approaching the panic mode as my new granddaughter concludes her cozy stay in utero. So few items have been sewn for her! A few smocked daygowns (Liberty of London, striped Swiss dot), a smocked white pique diaper shirt, a Swiss flannel slip, the ho-hum bassinette sheets, and the bassinette skirt.

On my cutting table sits a tall, tottering stack of fabric and patterns which I expected by now would have been stitched into an even taller stack of sweet baby garments.

back w pants

So now, with less than a month to go, I have launched Plan B. rather than begin the elaborate beauties I long to stitch. This plan consists of making ruffled diaper covers to match the precious embroidered diaper shirts I bought in Puerto Rico. On one of my teaching trips to San Juan, almost 9 years ago, these shirts were purchased a few months before the arrival of my first granddaughter, Laurel. Continue reading

Ruffled Jungle Skirt

UPDATE:  Just came across this site with excellent tips about sewing on pre-ruffled fabric.  There are two parts to the tutorial so scroll down to part 1 before reading part 2.


The color is really a coral, more like the photo below.



I’m trying to make my granddaughter Laurel an occasional contemporary garment.  At eight years old, she sometimes balks at wearing the smocked or heirloom dresses I lay out for her to wear for homeschool or church when she is with us.   This little outfit is my attempt to step into the “cool” zone of kid couture.  If it’s not quilting, smocking or heirloom, I am totally out of my comfort zone.  But this should placate her for a while. Continue reading

Smocked Diaper Shirt & Rhumba Pants

shirt pants


One more little outfit is ready for our due-at-Christmas granddaughter.    How I LOVE making baby things!


pants back


The diaper shirt and ruffle-butt bloomers are Swiss pique, trimmed with candy pink microcheck. The ruffles were made on the serger,  finished with a 3-thread rolled edge. Continue reading

Readers’ Creative Projects

The past week has been a blur!  We had our precious 3 yo grandson Alastair with us for 5 days, that big estate sale that I couldn’t keep myself away from (more on that in another post), and a family cold that clobbered me.


Alastair just gave out, clutching his beloved E=MC2 (squared) blanket.  His mama calls it his nerd blankie.


Six year old grandson Robert,victim #1, had it first and shared it with  #2 Cousin Alastair  who spent two of his 5 days with us in abject misery.  Then a day later, my number (#3) was up and Bad Bug morphed into bronchitis and Black Plague.  Well, it felt like what I imagine Black Plague did.

Now, hale and hearty Granddad (#4) is sneezing.  Even Alastair’s father Harvey (#5), an aged-out Eagle Scout (motto Be Prepared),  keeps his handkerchief handy. We’ve gone through A LOT of orange juice, Kleenex and vitamin C.

The really good news is that my PREGNANT (hurrah!!!) daughter has nary a sniffle.

But I am eager to get back to blogging.  One of the best things about this blogging activity is viewing the photos of projects made by you dear readers.  I love getting these pictures!

Today, I’d like to share a few with you.


Shirley made the doll dress with designs from a Custom Keepsakes collection. The sweet doll was rescued from a thrift shop.

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Thanksgiving Hostess Gift

Once again, we’ve been invited to share Thanksgiving dinner with our daughter’s in-laws.    Alastair’s paternal grandmother, “Oma,” will host a huge gathering of family at her beautiful country home.  Seated at the table, amidst 20 month-old baby Alastair and 89 year-old Great Grandmother Ruby, will be teenage cousins, young marrieds, middle-aged aunts, uncles and four reluctantly “senior” grandparents.  The dinner  table will look like a Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post cover.

design from Dakota Collectibles~Holidays and Seasons

This dish towel is a  tiny token of our appreciation for being included in this warm family celebration of Thanksgiving.  My mother always taught me to never go empty handed.  This dishtowel will last longer than the pumpkin and mincemeat pies I will bring along as my contribution to the dinner.

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